Santa Barbara Fitness Center Program, Personal Exercise Plan in Santa Barbara


Frankie Mecono 5/14/1975
Strong First Level II Instructor
Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist

Born and raised in Santa Barbara, Ca., Frankie pursued the dream of a professional athlete! While spending years training his body for the sport he loved, Frankie realized his true passion was not competing but preparing for the most physically demanding sport in the world; Professional Motocross! In 2004 Frankie transitioned into the world of Personal Training and never looked back.
Today Frankie and his team are currently creating results with people of all ages and all fitness stages. Aside from helping hundreds of clients reach their fitness related goals, Frankie enjoys spending time with his family; his wife and two boys. In addition Frankie is a competitive bicycle motocross racer.



Casey Harlin, a Santa Barbara local, was first drawn into the training community while preparing himself for competitive baseball. He started working with Frankie in 2004 as a client and immediately knew he had found something that wasn’t just training him for his future on the field, but for life.

After graduating high school Casey went on to study Kinesiology in San Luis Obispo. Upon completing his first kettlebell certification an opportunity arose that coincided with his finishing school. He moved back to Santa Barbara to apply his excitement and knowledge for FMPT, the company who’s core concepts and philosophies are what led Casey to teaching those who want to better themselves through fitness.