The FMPT Warrior

Lift moderately heavy, perform ballistic movements, core, intervals etc…..

Sure this is all great, but we need to create a clean gas tank with intermittent fasting so our body can better utilize the performance/anti-aging foods we ingest.

Absorption is crucial!

Here’s how we do it for the client looking to gain muscle, lose fat and feel better.

Serious athletes training longer than 1.5 hrs per day will need to be tweaked.

  1. Eat more on training days and less on non training days.

  2. Starches for training days include- beans, rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa.

  3. Proteins-Various steak and ground beef, chicken, turkey, seafood, eggs.

  4. 50% of your calories right after training so your body can utilize nutrients best.

  5. Eat whole foods, nearly Paleo.

  6. Additional Fats like chicken broth, avocados and walnuts should do the trick.

  7. Lots of fruits and vegetables.

  8. Meals built around a protein source every time.

  9. Lots of water with lemon

  10. 1x per week on a non training day fast for 24 hours. Sunday is a great day.

  11. Stay off the dairy, bread, sugar, cheese, etc….

  12. Limit alcohol consumption, its no different than a bowl of ice cream or pile of sugar.

Example: Training Day

Go to bed 9pm

No food upon waking, 1st meal at 1pm. Your training schedule may require you to alter this schedule.

6am Black Coffee or tea with non fat milk, or almond milk.

12 Noon Training

At this point you have fasted 16 hours, completed your training, metabolized a ton of fat and increased your body’s natural secretion of Growth Hormone.

1pm Largest meal Steak, sweet potato, 2 cups steamed broccoli.

3pm Grilled chicken, ½ cup brown rice, 2 cups spinach

6pm Smallest meal Baked salmon, salad

Non Training Days: Skip the rice and sweet potato add more fruits and veggies.

Yes you have to do more food preparation,

Yes its more work, an can be emotional,

Yes fasting will be uncomfortable at first.

If your not willing to adjust your lifestyle, your body composition will not change and you cannot expect a different result, just larger clothing.

There will always be a celebration or Party that creates an excuse to Indulge!

So Get A Grip!

Check back tomorrow for an easy 90 day intermittent fasting progression.

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