Full Body Workouts in Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Fitness Centers


Over the years I have developed at total fitness approach that works for people of all ages and all fitness stages.

Your session begins with a myofascial release technique used to inhibit overactive muscles, removing adhesions and improving range of motion.


I believe the Paleo Diet is one of the most intriguing diets that have come out in recent years. This way of eating is based on the eating patterns of our most ancient hunter gatherer ancestors — the early humans of the stone age period. The Paleo Diet is the one and only diet that fits our genetic make-up.


"Combining a complete training system with close attention to nutrition will guarantee together we can achieve any goal we set"


The FMPT Warrior

Lift moderately heavy, perform ballistic movements, core, intervals etc.....

Sure this is all great, but we need to create a clean gas tank with intermittent fasting so our body can better utilize the performance/anti-aging foods we ingest.

Absorption is crucial!

Here's how we do it for the client looking to gain muscle, lose fat and feel better.

Serious athletes training longer than 1.5 hrs per day will need to be tweaked.

  1. Eat more on training days and less on non training days.

  2. Starches for training days include- beans, rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa.

  3. Proteins-Various steak and ground beef, chicken, turkey, seafood, eggs.

  4. 50% of your calories right after training so your body can utilize nutrients best.